No Peace, No Justice. Why the Rioters Are in the Wrong

Victims' group seeks dismissal of archdiocese bankruptcy

July 4, 2020 – Our Lady of America message– The Final Battle!

Seven sisters raped for decades by father ‘were ignored because they were travellers’   They rejoiced when he was sent to prison.

Reminds of the Joseph Fritzl case

‘A bold statement of support’- Tenn. church gives $1,000 each to police dept. employees

Indiana Bishop Suspends Priest for Criticizing Black Lives Matter

Feeling weary and troubled? In the words of a spiritual writer: “Don’t tell God you have a great problem. Rather tell your problem you have a great God”

From marriage to priesthood: ‘This is my true calling’

Mother Praises God After Reportedly Being Told Son Had Just 10% Chance of Survival

A grocery-story chain has apologized for promoting an "LGBT education pack" that parents said "normalized pedophilia."  CEO aghast

Naegleria fowleri case first of the year in Florida 

Image of white Jesus needs to be revised, says archbishop of Canterbury

Doctor says 'faith is real' after pastor dead 12+ minutes makes miracle recovery

Ex-New York drug lord finds Jesus: I had millions of dollars but it was never satisfying

St. Elizabeth of Portugal

Heretical activities of the AUSCP (Association of United States Catholic Priests)  as a subversive organization perverting Church teaching on a number of levels

Creationism Vs. Evolution -- Which One is Real Science? Creationism is science and evolution is a flawed theory. Author examines evidence from biology, botany, and other sciences to prove there is valid science behind creationism, or as it is sometimes called, Intelligent Design

New Comet Neowise   Thx JC

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Protestant pastor shown in dreams what is coming the first week in November (Election week)

Why Israel is and will always remain the end times epicenter

How a husband's journey to the after life and back consoled his wife two times

Independence Day reminds us freedom is tied to votes and values

Lunar Eclipse on 4th of July: A Warning to Nations, Israel according to 100-Year-Old Prophecy  Prophecy given before Israeli had returned and warns that this particular eclipse is an omen that should the nations force Israel to give up land, a foreign leader will pay with his life.

Please see message to Jennifer for June 19

Why Every Person In America Needs To Become A Prepper During The Second Half of The Year.   For most it's too late

Forbes Censors Award-Winning Environmentalist's Apology Over Three-Decade 'Climate Scare' - So Here It Is Uncensored

Could Jesus and the devil go to confession and get the same penance? Moral relativism which is so appealing because it gives souls the intellectual justification they need to engage in their sins of choice

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The court said states may require members of the Electoral College to vote for the presidential candidates they had promised to support

Spokane bishop responds to Catholic Charities racism video

Divine Mercy Miracle: Woman Burns Divine Mercy Image & It Remains Untouched

Love yourself; enjoy, for life is short?

Harvard will hold all classes online next year — but still charge full tuition

Foreign Students Can’t Stay in US If Colleges Move Online, ICE Says

Trump Considering Executive Orders on China, Immigration, Manufacturing

'How do you say no to a bishop?': Priest accusers say they survived years of trauma and institutional failures

America is being influenced by demons, and the signs are abundant, according to a seasoned exorcist

Neumayr: The Wilton Gregorys long ago transferred their faith from Catholicism to left-wing politics, as evident in their support for Black Lives Matters, (an organization with an explicitly anti-Catholic agenda)

CHRISTIANS, especially Catholics, need to pay attention to the messages being related by Heaven through credible mystics of our times. There is urgency. There are calls for help to fight evil. There are warnings of chastisements that make peanuts of Noah’s flood

A warning from the Prophet Amos explains a lot of our current decline...

Healed of coronavirus and rescued from Islam in Saudi Arabia!

Make America Grateful Again

Catholic priest defends criticism of ‘pride’ celebrations: ‘This is about saving souls’

Persecution watch: ‘Soft despotism’ emerging against Catholics in the US: Archbishop

Horror in the garden. Be able to recognize these dangerous plants

Seal The Doorposts!  Thx stjoe4u

1816, the year without a Summer
In April 1815, Mount Tambora in Indonesia erupted, spewing millions of tons of ash and dust into the atmosphere. The effects of this massive volcanic event were so pronounced they temporarily lowered the global average temperature by up to three degrees in some places, and they were pronounced all through 1816 as well. At the time, no one knew the cause, leading to a wide range of theories, including a religious reckoning. Throughout New England and Europe, ice and frost persisted well into August, killing off crops and leading to widespread food shortages. The New England Historical Society reported of people eating raccoons and pigeons. It's estimated that an eruption as intense as Mount Tambora happens about once every 1,000 years. To understand the scope of its power, we can compare it to the 1980 Mount St. Helens eruption in Washington, which is considered one of the worst in U.S. history. Mount Tambora's eruption was about 100 times stronger, according to the U.S. Geological Survey.