Doctors called Mark’s brain-cancer healing ‘miraculous’: I never told them who made it happen

Archbishop Vigano confirms molestation allegations about Monsignor Rossi (rector  of the Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception in Washington, D.C.)

New Victims Step Forward to Accuse Italian Archbishop of Homopredation

Man who rejected $650,000 in priest abuse case calls award 'insignificant'

An Exorcist Comments on Walmart’s Satanic Products

Exorcist Says This Problem is ‘Far Worse Than Satan’

"A terrible crisis of faith afflicts the modern world. Perhaps we should not be surprised if the process of exorcism takes longer than in ages past." Comments of a expert exorcist priest to priest-learners

Dad begs for his baby’s life as mom goes in for the abortion

The Dads of Saints- Two Fathers Who Raised Holy Men

Bihar (India): Heat wave Kills 47, Acute Encephalitis Syndrome Death Toll Rises to 80

Biblical plague of locusts is swarming over Italian farmlands. Could it happen in the US?

Potentially deadly valley fever is hitting California farmworkers hard, worrying researchers

Kmart has come under fire after certain religious words including “Jesus,” “church,” and “Bible” were banned at photo printing kiosks while the words “mosque,” “Islam,” and “Koran” were not.  

5 things soon-to-be-married couples can learn from divorced couples 

Father Rosica Resigns from Salt and Light After Plagiarism Scandal

Polish Priest Ordained After Cancer Diagnosis Dies (Special dispensation from pope allowed him to be ordained)

New book: The Amazing Miracles of Padre Pio and the miracles behind them

Professor of 'psychiatry' claims Trump 'a danger'

Throat cancer in Megadeth (death)  heavy metal lead singer cancels tour in Milwaukee for July 4. Ozzy Ozbourne also has to cancel due to past injuries

Galaxy showing newly discovered super novae (exploding stars) in its arms of constellation Ursa Major.  Super novae are much more powerful than ordinary novae and result in a black hole or neutron star. Black holes eventually merge and become super massive black holes

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The Rita Klaus Story
Incredible story of a Medjugorje healing and journey toward God, but in the U.S. not Medjugorje (40 min)

Psychologist gives searing critique of Vatican’s new gender doc: a compromise with ‘neo-paganism’

Bishop to exorcise evil Columbian City by pouring out holy water from helicopter

Why I warn people before I bless cars

Prayers to a beatified, martyred Oklahoma priest healed a dying baby with incurable congenital heart defect

Near Death Experience Puts Man Face-to-Face With God

 Woman, 85, booted from home for 'religious' activity 'Defending against a management bully like this is not grounds for eviction'

The Miracle of Rose Condit’s Survival

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A 1974 Hymn Called 'Sing Hallelujah to the Lord' Has Become the Anthem of the Hong Kong Protests

Msgr. Guo Xijin: Persecution is preferable to joining the Patriotic Association

Thousands of animals migrating away from Yellowstone supervolcano

Welcome to Gay Hell, Michigan, where only pride flags are allowed to fly

Tribunal: China Killing Prisoners To Harvest Organs For Transplant  Extremely evil

Italian priest concelebrates his 100th birthday Mass with his 4 sons, who are all priests too

'Mentally ill' man who was shot dead by an off-duty cop in Costco was off his medication because of other health complications and 'pushed or slapped the back of the officer' who was with his child, family's lawyer says

Dad who left his 22-month-old son to die in a hot car in 2014 is still in solitary confinement in prison for his own safety and has filed an appeal for a new trial

St. Germaine Cousin

Young man healed by Padre Pio recounts story of miraculous cure

Keep Your Beliefs at Home- Student Booted from Class for Saying There Are 2 Genders

Today marks the 30th consecutive day that the sun has been without spot

The last week of June will mark the point when we are the closest to the center of the Taurid meteor swarm which is though to have caused the 1908 explosion in Russia, and so that will be when the risk is the greatest.

Commentary: Why should I continue to support the Catholic Church?  Baltimore Parishioner writes with penetrating questions

Catholic bishops enact third-party system to report allegations  Measure still inadequate? 

This Eucharistic host was filmed bleeding and pulsating like a heart on fire Short video. From Venezuela in Dec 8, 1991