Amazing story of how evil enters into our homes but how divine rescue may be orchestrated ahead of time

Volcano in Indonesia experiences most powerful eruption in 90 years

With ‘Querida Amazonia,’ It’s ‘Deja Amoris’ All Over Again (Avoids question of married priests but leaves opening for local dioceses to decide).

Protestants to take Catholic communion at Calvin's Cathedral in Geneva on leap year day

St. Lucy, Virgin, & Martyr: A Patron & Heavenly Friend

Three-year-old says Jesus saved her from drowning in backyard pool

Boy Scouts file for bankruptcy protection due to sex-abuse lawsuits

San Diego bishop may be leaving San Diego for Atlanta

Angels rescued mechanic crushed by truck axle

God Sends Angel To Save Woman Trapped With No Escape In Sinking Car

McCarrick's past dealings with scandal-hit religious order

From Atop Temple Mount: Hamas Calls on Muslims Worldwide to Assassinate Trump

Biblical Plague Of Locust Armies Numbering In The Billions Destroying Large Sections Of Africa And The Middle East

“Like Something Out Of The Book Of Exodus”: Locust Armies Are Devouring Entire Farms In Kenya “

Fire kills 15 children in U.S.-run Haiti orphanage

1 in 3 child cancer survivors develop serious health problem later in life

Viewing sacred images can literally lead to peace in the soul

9 Novenas That Will Jump Start Your Prayer Life Right Now


Saints’ visions of the damned (in Hell)  ‘an act of mercy,’ author says

Did a book from 1981 predict the coronavirus by bizarre “coincidence”?

Our Lady of Sorrows especially potent in spiritual warfare

Ruini Commission: Medjugorje Seers Are Not Mature In Faith, One Is a liar

“I shall be pleased to break the pride of the wicked much more when the world will be most hostile to all that is supernatural”

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Most powerful weapon against evil ever conceived: The mysteries of the rosary

Does this pope even venerate his vicar? It's not so much what you say; it is what you do! See the pics.

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Readers, Spirit-Digest apologizes for advocating the website, last week. What can you expect from a website with a serpent scales and and serpent eye looking at you on the index page?  

Upon further exploration, and prompted by a Catholic scholar, MM. I found a letter at the site praising gays for all they endured and comparing their "sufferings"  to the flagellations Jesus took at the pillar. Our Catholic traditions teach that this severe beating was for sins of impurity. It contradicts the BVM at Fatima who said most souls are in Hell for sins of "the flesh". The world is hanging by a thread for the consequences of sins of impurity which are multiplying at an unprecedented rate.

Maria Divine Mercy messages: I believe are equally suspect   Please accept this correction.  Many Thx, MM

Britain UNDER water! Thousands face evacuation from their homes after worst floods in 200 YEARS

“Christian Witches” To Host Annual Convention In Salem On Easter Weekend

Wondering why witchcraft in the United States and around he world on the rise

The pope blasts the rich as 'sinful' – again

After suffering the anguish of the abuse among their ranks, priests across our nation are battling feelings of profound defeat.

In last Mass as Philly archbishop, Chaput retires with gratitude

The Vital Role of Grandparents in Church & Family Life

Who was Emil Kapaun?

Stampede for food kills 20 at refugee camp in Niger

Deadly coronavirus 'kills 15 PER CENT of patients over 80' and the never-before-seen strain is 'up to 20 TIMES more infectious than SARS'  Maybe more contagiou but not as pathogenic. The death rate for SARS was > 50% in elderly. Much lower in younger persons.

The coronavirus achieves all the top priorities of the globalists: Depopulation, authoritarian government and elimination of the elderly who no longer contribute tax money

Mysterious mechanical ‘groaning’ noise upsetting in Anchorage

40 cool home hacks and myths debunked about common household items

Utah man who spent a lifetime looking for his father found him living 10 minutes away 20 true stories stranger than fiction