Pensioner, 83, comes back to life ten hours after she was declared dead and claims her late father 'was calling me to heaven'
Priest and doctor testify

Pope cautions against 'unfair' Middle East peace plans Blessed are the peacemakers for they shall be called children of God". Destructive, meddlesome, duplicitous  pope anything but peaceful."

Palestinians fire rockets at Israel  Here's to you, Pope Francis. A true wolf in sheep's clothing. Could you see Benedict or JP II making the comment above?

Meet the friar, (also a seminarian), who combined flour and faith to win the ‘Great American Baking Show’

Toy poodle found alive after hawk snatches it from owner's backyard

Mary Miraculously Spoke Through This Image, Which Was Rescued from a Trash Pile

Colombians grapple with a big problem: wandering hippos  (Escaped from drug lord's private number 80)

Kansas City: Armed Forces trainee converts to Islam, plots jihad massacre at military base

Nigeria: 5 churches burned, many Christians killed in Boko Haram invasion

Isis and al-Qaeda join forces in West Africa

Supreme Court justices to hear Philly dispute over same-sex foster parents

Confessions of a Former Freemason Officer, Converted to Catholicism

Turning our cathedrals into political town halls betrays  "peace be with you".  Cardinal Schönborn hangs gigantic purple female sweater in Vienna Cathedral for Lent

The Cost of Not Forgiving Others

St. Jacinta’s Holy Legacy With Our Lady

Fatima’s Sister Lucia Explains Why the Daily Rosary is a 'Must'

Swiss Diocese Confirms: “All” Invited To Catholic Communion

Malta church says Holy Communion on the tongue temporarily halted

L’Arche sex abuse: ‘We didn’t know he had a darker side’

“Just as any significant national even is commemorated by minting a coin, we are minting a coin to announce that, for the first time in 2,000 years, a major world leader is acknowledging this covenant ”(that Israel was given by God to the Jews) . This is not a political event. This is an opening for each country, for each individual, to take part in what is becoming a global reawakening to the Biblical covenant  Link

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Untold story of a French woman thought to be a spy but whose principal activity was organizing a network that rescued hundreds of Jewish children from deportation to Auschwitz.

A How a miracle in Duarte, CA earned sainthood for a French priest

Brought Safely to Shore by Ocean Angels

A Priest’s Middle-of-the-Night Crisis That Reveals The Powerful Existence of Guardian Angels

Fr. Gabriele Amorth: Exorcist Par Excellence

Amazing story of how evil enters into our homes but how divine rescue may be orchestrated ahead of time

Saints’ visions of the damned (in Hell)  ‘an act of mercy,’ author says

Did a book from 1981 predict the coronavirus by bizarre “coincidence”?

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Most powerful weapon against evil ever conceived: The mysteries of the rosary

Does this pope even venerate his vicar? It's not so much what you say; it is what you do! See the pics.

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Medjugorje – faith in the afterlife
Note: Cardinal Ruini, in a formal report recently released, rejected the 10 Secrets, the biography of the Blessed Mother, and frequent Marian apparitions with 'banal' messages. The seers do NOT have the Blessed Mother's permission to release the secrets, or her biography yet. 

A team of scientists at MIT created a computer to help deal with asteroids

NASA mathematician Katherine Johnson, highlighted in 'Hidden Figures,' dies at 101

Big jump in virus cases in Italy's north despite lockdowns

As coronavirus cases surge worldwide, Dow plummets 700 points

Coronavirus: Malta church says Holy Communion on the tongue temporarily halted

7 Ways to Encourage Your Children to Enjoy Writing

Greta Thunberg's mother speaks out on daughter's autism

Bernie Sanders Says U.S. Is Worse than Communist China in Jailing People If true, possible reason: U.S. society stridently encourages deviations from acceptable norms and rewards  conduct for which people are arrested, not imprissioned.  "Personal freedom, individualism" is severely repressed in China, arrests are manhy.

Buttigieg's pastor brother-in-law tells Tucker: 'Everything Pete is pushing' is 'anti-God'

Pete Buttigieg: Republicans are the “Opposite” of Everything Christ Said

Brigham Young University removes 'homosexual behavior' as honor-code violation

Former Gay Reveals Truth of LGBTQ Agenda Flooding the Culture: They're Sanitizing the 'Horror Stories'

‘Walker, Texas Ranger’ Rebooted with ‘Gay, Conservative’ Character

Nurses will be trained to perform SURGERY under radical plan to slash NHS waiting times and tackle looming crisis of ageing population  Great idea for some proceures!

Amazing Coincidence or Proof? All Major Relics of Christ Have the Same Blood Type

The Ash Wednesday Prophecy of the Lady of All Nations