When demons flee dying people: The hidden saving power of the Divine Mercy chaplet...

‘Demon of Brownsville Road’ House to Open as Bed & Breakfast
House subjected to a cleansing and exorcism in 2006 with permission of Bishop Wuerl. Catholic owner, Bob Cramer, says he has two conditions for future guests: no ghost hunters or ouija boards are allowed.

Faith in God sustained American POW at Hanoi Hilton

The strange account of the day “angels” saved British troops during World War I...

St. Bede the Venerable

This Prayer to St. Anthony is Called the “Miracle Prayer

The Rediscovered Prophecy of Pius XII: Pacelli said in 1933: 'The Church will doubt as Peter doubted'

NASA astronauts will test new SpaceX capsule, execute spacewalks and do upgrade and new installations. Work expected to take 1-4 month. Astronauts will splash in the Atlantic off the coast of Fla. when finished with the work

U.S. will withdraw from a treaty that permits participating nations to conduct unarmed surveillance flights over one another after Russia allegedly violated its terms on multiple occasions

Magnitude 6 earthquake strikes New Zealand near capital city

COVID-19 Patients No Longer Infectious After 11 Days, Study Claims

Parrot who 'heard victim's last words' to give evidence at trial of men who 'raped and beat woman to death'  (Argentina)

Haiti voodoo leaders prepare temple 'clinics' for coronavirus sufferers

Earth’s Magnetic Field Mysteriously Weakening In Specific Locations, Throwing Off Satellites And Spacecraft  Indicates the earth is moving beneath us.

The Life of Saint Louis Marie de Montfort

The Conversion Story of Randy Shed, From Non-Denominational to Catholic

Grizzly bear with white fur caught on camera in Canada

Poland issues three coins to honor Pope John Paul II birthday centennial

Saint Rita of the Impossible

This Prayer to St. Anthony is Called the “Miracle Prayer

If you are unable to move on because you need your job, how to Successfully Work with a Narcissist

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Prophecy, which reveals God's plan in advance, is the missing major element in all sacred scriptures of the world's religions, because false gods cannot provide it. Prophecy is not to be found in the Koran, the Hindu Vedas, the Bhagavad-Gita, the Book of Mormon, the sayings of Buddha. In contrast, prophecy comprises about 30 percent of the Bible

Life Changing Marian Apparitions Every Catholic Should Know

Biblical Proof: Gog Magog Battle = the Final Battle at Armaggedon

Is Covid-19 pandemic a warning?
There have been forty-six Marian apparitions across two millennia – among hundreds alleged – formally approved as “supernatural”  and free of doctrinal error. Ten of the forty-six approved Marian apparitions, almost a quarter, including  Fatima, have occurred in the twentieth century. And seven of the nine post-Fatima apparitions of Mary – excepting two Belgian visitations immediately following Fatima – speak the same urgent message of warning.
So yes, Covid-19 pandemic is a warning

“We are not alone and evil will never had the last word.”
Story of two Catholic fathers and the miraculous, redemptive healing out of the worst terrorist event before 9/11

Curiosity, the root of many sins

Keep Your Focus on Building Treasures in Heaven

Near Death Experience Puts Man Face-to-Face With God

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Most powerful weapon against evil ever conceived: The mysteries of the rosary

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This Home In Pittsburgh Has A Dark And Evil History That Will Never Be Forgotten Take a look at the rosary the family tried to use.

Why Bob Cramer forbade ghost hunters: “Paranormal investigating is essentially necromancy (contacting the dead), because it is an attempt to make the dead manifest and communicate. This opens doors to relationships with demons. About 25 percent of all demonic cases come from paranormal investigating. Many of the participants on paranormal television shows have had demonic problems themselves, but this is not revealed as part of the show”-- Adam Blai p78, Hauntings, possessions, and Exorcisms.

Chilling: Inside the Brownsville Demon House

How 'The Genetic Detective' star helps law enforcement solve cold cases  CeCe Moore produces a show premiering tonight on ABC

Are Ice Cores From Mount KilimanjaroProof of the Story of Joseph in Genesis?

Want safe church reopenings? Follow CDC guidelines

A brave boy who had recently studied what to do if he came across a bear in the woods was forced to put his lessons to the test when one reared up on him while he walked through the Italian hills

US mother 'PUSHES' her autistic son, nine, into a canal 'first failed attempt to kill him' before taking the non-verbal boy to another spot where he drowned 

A man who should never have been released into the public was shot dead by police after stabbing an elderly woman to death at a Texas car park

A Delaware man suspected of fatally shooting an elderly Maryland couple as they were visiting their son’s grave earlier this month died from police gunfire during a shootout about two hours after the crime, authorities have confirmed.

91-Year-Old Veteran Receives Diploma from Ohio High School with Great-Grandson

Teen dubbed 'Baby Al Capone' stole $23.8M from cryptocurrency bigwig

Vehicle theft spikes in COVID-19 pandemic

Divorce up by 1/3 in Italy as lockdown pushes couples to brink

Couple killed in wreck after son's graduation

Baby gorilla badly injured in family skirmish

Multisystem inflammatory syndrome in children, or MIS-C caused by body reaction to Covid-19 infection.  Includes "covid toes"

Pope Francis entrusts 'that great country' China to the Blessed Virgin Mary