Famed Exorcist: American Bishops Accommodate Sin

Ex British Prime Minister Calls on World Leaders to Form ‘One World Government’

Pope Francis: All Citizens to Pay Taxes for Globalism or Be Guilty of ‘Murder’  Seriously?

That ridiculous story: Bill Gates is spreading the coronavirus so he can make money from testing has been circulating on Facebook for several weeks  However

Bill Gates working on a vaccination that will come with a digital ID

Muslim convert on 'miraculous' ways God is 'radically transforming' Iran

EWTN Gets A New Bad Boy Bishop "It is incomprehensible a guy like him would be a bishop."

There are eight strains identified, but all are very similar with tiny variations Experts say that no strain appears to be more lethal than any of the others

Will Harry and Meghan get US-taxpayer funded Secret Service protection in LA? Couple will have to ask President Trump as Canadians bid the couple and their security costs farewell They jetted to LA just before Trump closed the borders.

FDA Approves Test (Abbott Labs) That Can Detect Coronavirus in Minutes

Chinese Distributed Faulty Coronavirus Test Kits Throughout Europe

Pastor of The River at Tampa Bay insists that members of his church to shake hands with people around them, admonishing those who were afraid by calling them pansies  He could be jailed for this.

300 Die In Iran After Drinking Methanol As Fake Coronavirus Remedy

Italy's death toll an astonishing 10,000

Demand for online ordering leaves grocery stores scrambling, customers waiting

New York Times Blames Evangelical Christians for Coronavirus

With Sex Abuser Jean Vanier (of L’Arche Fame), There Were  Signs for Years

COVID-19 is not God's judgment, but a call to live differently, pope says 

The sacred journey of Fr. Michel Rodrigue, Apostle of the End Times Long but worth it.  Thank you Mark Mallett

Fr. J. – Revolution is Coming St. Thérèse de Lisieux to a priest in New Boston, Michigan, 2008

Mystic Jennifer – The Winds of Spring

Fr. Michel Rodrigue’s Experience of Medjugorje

One nation under God

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10 Things to Think About When You Can’t Go to Mass

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Texas Sunday school teacher, father of 6 dies of coronavirus

A parish priest in the town of in northern Italy explains how he has had to start dealing with death on a scale he could never have imagined

Fauci predicts 100K-200K US deaths; Spain, Italy demand help

Spain suffers its worst day yet as 838 die from coronavirus No link

At least 50 doctors are dead from coronavirus in Italy

Bans on funerals, Masses cost Spokane cathedral confession, meals for the hungry, employees, much else

Social Distancing During the Black Death

In this moment of fear, a story of hope from Holocaust survivors Men cannot live without hope

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After Medjugorje visit, I came away convinced

FBI foil terror plot to blow up Missouri hospital during coronavirus crisis

COVID-19 Drives Command Teams Charged With Homeland Defense Into Cheyenne Mountain Bunker

Chuck Norris Warns of Rebellion, Martial Law if America’s COVID Strategy Doesn’t Change (Let people out of their homes)

Ford Motors Announces They Intend to Begin Reopening Plants on Apr. 6

Huge handout as 'the polar opposite of the founders' vision'

Woman, 95, back home after surviving COVID-19 thanks to chloroquine

Faith helped one engaged couple get through a crisis just before their planned wedding

Scottish man who killed armed robber in his home jailed for 5 years Jury felt the response was excessive.

Virginia fines churches for gatherings, Virginia Gov. declares anyone found in a Church can get a year in jail but abortion businesses stay open

Thousands of Ash Urns at Wuhan Funeral Home Fuel Further Skepticism of China’s Virus Death Toll

Why China's infection numbers cannot be trusted

Man Miraculously Healed After Nearly Dying of Covid-19: ‘VP Pence Prayed for Me’