Amazing Graces of Divine Mercy Image: Here's Proof

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Supreme Court to hear Mississippi abortion case challenging Roe v. Wade

Hopes of Covid breakthrough as Australian scientists develop antiviral injection to kill 99.9% of the virus in the lungs of mice - but it won't be ready for humans until 2023

Fifty Indian doctors die from Covid in a day and the country's daily fatality toll hits 4,329 as rural leaders say official count ignores 'entire families wiped out

For most of the Pope Francis era, the pope himself was the most turbulent figure in Roman Catholicism dropping rhetorical bombshells, making unexpected gestures and appointments and using his power and influence to reopen debates his predecessors closed and dismissing from the curia those who disagreed with him. Over the past two years, however, the sources of Catholic turbulence have shifted to the German Bishops. Will Christianity face another German reformation?

Exorcist: As I look around me in our world today, I see the same signs of hell and the hardest hurdle that the possessed must overcome: debilitating, hope-sucking despair. In today' world as faith flickers out, hell's despair spreads. What I see is a waste land of despair. People clamoring for possessions; power and position; passions inflamed...and so much violence and anger. Link

Pope Boniface IV’s Exorcism Account of Roman Pantheon & Demons

Insanity: Twitter Suspends Spanish Politician for Saying ‘A Man Cannot Get Pregnant’ Because No ‘Uterus Or Ovaries’

71-Year-Old London Pastor Arrested for Causing 'Alarm and Distress' for 'Homophobic' Message on Marriage | Christian News Network

Megadrought Nightmare: No Water For Crops, Horrific Wildfires, Colossal Dust Storms And Draconian Water Restrictions

Saint Irenaeus on the Descent of the Holy Spirit

Archdiocese of Washington takes up collection for pro-communism, pro-abortion groups, gay and transgender activism (Catholic Campaign for Human Development)

Thanks to perverted bishops McElroy, Cupich and Gregory, among others, Nancy Pelosi rejoicing in mortal sin

San Diego attorney Charles Limandri : "It is difficult to understand the rationale of Bishop McElroy"

Cervantes: Angel says many who suddenly died from Covid 19 now in Purgatory needing prayers

A metal detector discovered this reliquary belonging to Richard III

Arson arrest made as California's Palisades Fire grows to more than 1,300 acres

Reaching for the hem of His garment

Past Headlines

The latest in horrid, perverted art out of the Vatican ---The hand of God is covered with a latex glove in the Sistine Chapel painting advert for the Vatican Health Conference
We know that the theology of every antichrist (big and small) is found in the denial of the coming of Jesus Christ in the flesh
After Life: Amazing Stories from Purgatory and the Afterlife

Bishop against bishop as Bishop Schneider asks German bishops to change name of their "church"

Biden To Quietly Resume Construction of Border Wall Following Letter by 20 Republican Governors Urging Him to Do So amid Exploding Crisis

Bishop McElroy Misses the Point

Woman Was Sold Into A Terrible Life Until God Sent Her A Fiery Angel

Vatican warns U.S. bishops about rebuking Biden, other Catholic politicians
Vatican: "USCCB policy identifying abortion as 'the preeminent' moral issue is  'misleading' because it gives the impression that abortion and euthanasia constitute the only grave matters of Catholic moral and social teaching that demand the fullest accountability on the part of Catholics.”  Abortion is no ordinary sin. What other moral issue is the leading cause of death by willful murder around the world to the point of genocide, greater than even any war? Where is the love and mercy the Church must apply to obstinate sinners by excommunication who endanger their souls? How can the Vatican require that bishops around the world take a vote on this searing moral issue before exercising authority in their own dioceses?  Looking back at the dark, twisted road of homosexuality now after Francis famously said in 2013, “who am I to judge”, we have finally arrived at German bishops blessing homosexual unions in defiance of a direct papal order, Canon Law, holiness and even decency

Almighty, holy and eternal God and Comforter, invigorate my studies and be a lamp to my path so that I may establish myself and others in thy holy faith. JDG


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The Catholic Faith of Babe Ruth

Rio de Janeiro’s Christ the Redeemer Lit Up with a Message Promoting ‘Vaccine Equality’

Perverted Boy Scouts require Eagle Scouts to earn a badge in "diversity and inclusion"

1 out of ten Hamas rockets gets past Israel's Iron Dome

How extreme can the Biden Pentagon get? Sacking of Space Force commander over Marxism book

Fatima Vision of Hell Helped Salvador Dali Return to God

Humor is next to godliness

Biden administration allows illegal immigrants to access federal housing aid

Illegal immigrant accused of killing Iowa student Mollie Tibbetts goes on trial this week

A Miraculous Conception

Francis's few and feeble words against homosexuality and abortion are empty and meaningless unless he condemns his heresy of the primacy of conscience which is promoted by Amoris Laetitia

Pope taps fellow Jesuit to lead Hong Kong church

China jailed 4 doctors, 2 others to cover up state-sanctioned forced organ harvesting

Black fungus cases among Covid patients has families scrambling for drug, Delhi pharmacies say no stock

Four medical colleges identified to treat cases of black fungus in India Mucormycosis is a fungal disease which is very hard to treat or even survive. Antifungals which might work (Amphotericin) are not available. Those with immune deficiencies are unlikely to survive. The primary treatments will be amputations. You get mucormycosis from the environment. It is not transmitted from person to person. It is seen after disruption of environmental surfaces such a strong winds or tornadoes which stir up the dirt with fungal spores. U.S. had 6 cases after the F5 Joplin tornado. Most victims died.

Covid besieged  NW India will have more spores stirred up by its ongoing tropical storms, so more cases of mucormycosis are coming.

 Ransomware attack hits 4 Asian countries

Reverse discrimination at work?: Top university pledges to buy less stuff from companies owned by straight white guys