Navajo Skinwalkers – Witches of the Southwest
No, Christians did not bring Satan with them when the West was won  

How Jewish Polish teenagers were brutally lacerated, smashed, infected and endured for medical experimentation at Ravensbruck. Read amazing way that they notified the world of the atrocities .  Unforgettable

Five Priests Named in Dallas Investigation

Raid on Dallas Diocese inspires Catholics to close ranks or lose faith: 'Enough is enough' The pastor would have done better to have told the congregation that filth, its cover up, and a schism in the Church are all end times signs that have been  prophesized for centuries. They have great reason to hope because Christ is close.  Keep the rosary near and pray daily as begged by BVM. Would pastor have been removed for saying such?

4 parishes in Northeast Philadelphia to merge effective July 1

Michigan stigmatic on path toward sainthood

Deuteronomy 33:24 “Asher is most blessed of sons; let him be favored by his brothers, and let him dip his foot in oil.”

The land of the Hebrew tribe of Asher is foot-shaped, right in the north of Israel bordering the coastline, which is exactly where the huge, recently discovered “Leviathan” oil and gas fields are, which are already in operation. (“Asher” means: Blessed.) --Joel Joseph

Tennessee Catholic bishops oppose 'heartbeat' abortion restriction, citing legal worries

Persecution of Christians..Gay Dem Candidate Buttigieg Compares Christians to Islamic Extremists, Calls Pence 'Fanatical'

Billionaire graduation speaker to pay off student loans for entire 2019 class

College Board president pushing ‘adversity score’ is same man behind controversial Common Core program

You may thinks it's a coincidence that abortion has been outlawed in the state where Mother Angelica built her monastery

Our Lady of La Salette Calls for Prayer and Repentance in the Alps 

Past Headlines

Asteroids and the Improbability of Earth’s Existence: How Are We Here at All?‘We did all we could, but it wasn’t enough’ |

Asteroid simulation ends with direct hit in NYC

Did an Italian youth save an American man’s life — from Heaven?

75 years after the miraculous Battle Lepanto of 1571, Our Lady of the Rosary provided another Lepanto moment showing the way to victory even for today

I Marked People for Death. Jesus Marked Me for Life

'You're strong, you're brave, you need to do it': That was the unselfish, inspirational advice from a wife whose husband phoned her mid-air with a plan to take down his 9/11 hijackers. An awesome tale of courageous uprising in the face sheer evil

Another 911 survivor, Thomas Burnett, his story on 9/11 as told by his Catholic wife

The Power of Padre Pio's Relic

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Dutch Cardinal on Gender Ideology: It Sets the World ‘Against the Christian Faith’

Can anyone receive God’s mercy without first repenting? Yes

46 Years Later, a Heartwarming Father-Son Reunion

Child puts car in reverse, accidentally runs over mother

Buffalo's champion boxing monsignor disciplined bad priests in decades past

How a destructive electromagnetic pulse would work

Trump says war will mean ‘official end of Iran’, hours after rocket lands in Baghdad’s Green Zone

A Chicago couple lives like Orthodox Jews — and preaches the word of Jesus

Test quickly identifies sepsis bacteria from whole blood, no culture necessary!

Is Germany’s active Supervolcano Awakening?

US pastor runs network giving 50,000 Ugandans bleach-based 'miracle cure'

Pakistan doctor (has AIDS)  arrested after 400 children in his practice diagnosed with HIV !

St. Peter Promises These Four Things After Suffering