This life or death situation brought a father and son together—through panic, strength and the Chaplet of Divine Mercy 

NORTH KOREA has issued a terrifying coronavirus alert over a mysterious “yellow dust cloud” sweeping over the hermit nation from China.

Tensions explode as US sends ships to confront ‘illegal’ Chinese fishing in Pacific

Women march in rain for president's resignation

Supreme Court nominee Amy Coney Barrett won crucial backing Saturday when one of the last Republican holdouts against filling the seat during an election season announced support for President Donald Trump's pick ahead of a confirmation vote expected Monday.

The man who supplied two rifles that husband-and-wife assailants used to kill 14 people San Bernadino, CA. gets 20 years

If anyone is undecided about the winner of the final presidential debate, held Thursday night at Belmont University, CNN fact-checker Daniel Dale hinted at the verdict in the liberal network’s own newsroom. “Biden was again imperfect from a fact-check perspective,” Dale summarized on Twitter. “He made at least a few false, misleading, or lacking-in-context claims.” “Biden wasn’t a force at all,” she wrote in a Twitter post. “Trump was substantive, on-point, well-tempered. Definitely helped himself, when it mattered most.”

"Creeping incrementalism, my friends.   Step by step.  Brick from brick.  Acquiescence to adultery in Amoris.   Where does it end?   I think we are seeing where it ends."  Link

Discerning a holy credible message from God about the the pope's opinion

Man apologizes as he's sentenced to life in prison for Utah Co-ed murder Met on a dating website. She agreed to go to his apartment.  Coed victimized by deadly, imprudent thinking.

Prosecutors again seek death for Scott Peterson

'The blood of children being shot is on your hands': Fresno DA slams Governor Newsom for the surge in California crime and $0 bail policies that have let violent criminals and gang members out of prison

Vatican extends plenary indulgence for the dead throughout November

Exorcist: Halloween will be ugly

The book of palms: Priest can't stop laughing when five-year-old girl high-fives him as he extends hands to blesses her 

Stay hungry, stay foolish: Steve Jobs on three stories of his life  As compelling as a speech gets

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Catholic Leaders Issue Sharp Warning (to) on Liberal Pope Just as in the political realm, is there a “deep state” within the Catholic Church that’s trying to destroy the traditional, true faith in favor of its own agenda?

Fiasco over pope's  civil union quote which was filmed last year and in the editing cut, intensifies impact But the red carpet rollout of "Francesco" has been anything but bright, with evidence that the Vatican censored the pope last year by deleting his endorsement of same-sex civil unions from an interview, only to have the footage resurface in the new film.  "Talks are underway to deal with the current media crisis."

How to respond biblically To Pope Francis call for same-sex civil unionsHow to respond biblically To Pope Francis call for same-sex civil unions

He felt the miracle of God’s warm embrace in a frozen gulag

New Michael Brown online retreat, Spiritual Warfare on Halloween (10/31)

Pope Francis endorses same-sex civil unions, saying: 'Homosexuals are children of God and have the right to be in a family'  Schism worthy?  Unlikely

N.Y. Post answers critics of 'unverified' Hunter Biden story with facts

No suffering is ever in vain, God explained. All pain has its purpose and is part of the plan

Jesus Just Makes Sense All the theology you ever need to know beautifully crafted. Bookmark it.

Almighty, holy and eternal God and Comforter, invigorate my studies and be a lamp to my path so that I may establish myself and others in thy holy faith. JDG


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Summer Riots In Minneapolis Have Resulted In “A Lot Of Silent Trump Support”

Soros Triples Funding of Democratic Campaign, Total Almost $1 Billion to Topple Trump

Crews work to destroy 'murder hornet' nest in US

Franklin Graham: Pope Francis Dead Wrong on Gay Civil Unions, He Denies Scripture and Christ's Cross

Joe Biden the Same Kid of Catholic as Pope Francis

Pope Francis covers for 'Catholic' Joe Biden

A tiny island community off the coast of Maine is celebrating its first baby born on home soil in over 93 years

Poland’s Highest Court Rules Law Allowing Abortion of Babies With Defects Is Unconstitutional

There Is No 'International Right to Abortion,' U.S. and 31 Other Countries Declare

Researchers claim humans are evolving because more born with median artery, in their limbs that persists and are born without without wisdom teeth

Marine Corps general in charge of all Marines in Europe and Africa has been relieved of command following an investigation into his alleged use of a racial slur, according to a U.S. official 

Shocking: Our very own Jeffery Epstein.  An Ohio priest respected as a “religious and community leader” has been sex trafficking vulnerable minors and adults for more than two decades, the Department of Justice announced in an indictment unsealed Friday. A grand jury has charged Rev. Michael J. Zacharias, age 53, with sex trafficking minors and sex trafficking both minors and adults by force  Link

Thousands of Witches Plot to ‘Bind Trump’ for Last Debate and Election Day

Boston: Anti-Trump Protesters Hold Pagan Ritual: Eat ‘President’s Heart’

When Miracles Produce MIRACLES

Paramedic Saves Doctor's Life Today. But This Doctor Saved This Paramedic's Life 30 Years Ago