Scientists Create Embryos Who are Part Human, Part Monkey Duplicating the sin of the fallen angels who were sent to the abyss for it.  
 Some demons Christ cast out begged not to be sent there. So, Christ in his incomprehensible mercy, sent them into a herd of swine, which crashed over a cliff (which likely sent them back to Hell).

10 Forgotten Facts about Fatima and Why You Should Know Them

8 killed in mass shooting at Indianapolis FedEx facility. Unknown if shooter is dead

Despite winning a major Vatican victory, a Detroit priest will face disciplinary proceedings from his archbishop because of enemies within diocese

Planned Parenthood adds group of “faith leaders” to its advisory board

Rioters burn down police building and force Kimberly Potter to flee her home after her address leaked

'We just can’t do this anymore': Small business owners say federal unemployment handouts are crippling them

Food Prices Are Rising Aggressively, And Even The Corporate Media Is Admitting That It Is Only Going To Get Worse

Vladimir Putin Rejects Biden Invite to Meet in Person

Biden imposes tough new sanctions on Russia Biden imposes tough new sanctions on Russia

US cancels warships deployment to Black Sea

Top French court won’t prosecute Jewish woman’s Muslim killer because he was smoking weed

Philippines leads world in number of Catholic baptisms

Pelosi: ‘No Plans' to Bring a Court-Packing Bill to the House Floor – at This Time

Democrats Introduce Bill to Expand U.S. Supreme Court From 9 to 13 Seats

Jennifer – The Hour is Coming

What Padre Pio saw in the Spanish Flu of 1918

11 Roman Rulers Who Tried to Destroy Christianity (and Failed)

The real reason nuns left the Philly archdiocese

Creepy pic of bat striding
10 sgns that major End Times events are In motion ,starting with violence everywhere

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High priestess of witchcraft shares incredible story of deliverance

Charming works of Mercy... ‘Life Stories of a Hustler Priest’ chronicles how a poor kid from the Bronx helped countless homeless San Diegans

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Miracle of St. Faustina's Diary

The Life of St. Maria Faustina Kowalska: Apostle of Divine Mercy

Divine Mercy and People of Other Faiths
Thus, save for extraordinary cases (usually known only to God), the answer is "no" they cannot receive the extraordinary grace of a complete renewal of baptismal grace on Divine Mercy Sunday because that is a sacramental grace that comes through reception in a state of grace of Holy Communion, in and with His Catholic Church.

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Long time coming: Nations bishops chastised in open letter against their conduct,

Passionists order, Catholic dioceses didn’t reveal predator deacon in their midst

German Bishop Defies Vatican by Permitting Blessings of Same-Sex Unions  The Pope needs to show some leadership and discipline the bishop

Catholic priest who saved Irish passengers on Titanic could become a saint

Pope releases document on family matters

The Pope never fails to attempt to make the crudest ideological arguments:
Pope Francis on Sunday argued that having received mercy, Jesus’ apostles became merciful themselves, sharing ownership over everything, calling such an arrangement “not communism, but pure Christianity.”

“The Acts of the Apostles relate that ‘no one claimed private ownership of any possessions, but everything they owned was held in common.’ This is not communism, but pure Christianity,” he said.  Link refuting this thinking

CDC: Out of 75 million fully vaccinated Americans, 5,800 got COVID-19, and 74 died
About 5,800 fully vaccinated Americans have gotten COVID-19 so far, according to the CDC. Such "breakthrough" cases are to be expected, the CDC said, as vaccines aren't 100% effective. Breakthrough infections are rare, affecting around 0.009% of vaccinated individuals, but they're more common in older adults.
Translation, imo:  The vaccine is worth it.

After abduction of Haitian priests: “Who will be next?”

Sponsor a gargoyle: New fundraiser launched for burnt-up Notre Dame in Paris?

Former priest faces cold case murder charge in court

Newly-Ordained Priest Helps Young Men Discern Priesthood in New YouTube Series

What will become of Bernie Madoff's widow Ruth?

Police have mistaken handguns for stun guns in the past

When Exorcists Are Attacked Attacked by Clients' Demons

Alarming decline in male fertility across the globe

$10 million prize to do the so far impossible It will then explain how DNA emerged and evolved to transmit a faithful digital code without being designed to do so.