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Nancy Pelosi receives COMMUNION at Catholic church in Georgetown
 Article rips Cordileone's character

Newspaper hammers archbishop for barring Pelosi from Communion. Board contends House speaker more loyal to Christ than Catholic leader

Archbishop reveals what Nancy Pelosi did to finally trigger communion ban. “Her advocacy for codifying the Roe decision into federal law–it’s becoming more and more extreme and more and more aggressive. And I’ve been trying to speak with her about this.”  A genuine shepherd, unlike Cdls McElroy, Gregory, and Cupich

DC attorney general sues Mark Zuckerberg over 2018 Cambridge Analytica data breach incident. Breached data for 87 million Facebook users. Zuckerberg was directly involved in the leak.

Severe hailstorm hits Bihar, claiming lives of at least 33 people

Teen Was Diagnosed With an Inoperable Cancerous Brain Tumor. 13 Years Later, His Story Proves How God Uses Pain for Purpose

‘Youth Transplants’: Scientists Begin Harvesting Young Blood and Body Parts as Anti-Aging Treatment. It will only be a matter of time before this mad science is fully commercialized, in a similar manner to how fetal stem cells are taken from murdered babies and used to make dangerous vaccines, and the demand for young children’s blood and body parts to be harvested will skyrocket.

Cervantes: Famine needed by antichrist to impose microchip for buying, selling. The details are much more salient and how it will happen

Cervantes: Again the stern warning from Heaven: Do not get the microchip Only a tiny fraction of souls follow these messages. Thus, The Warning is needed to make everyone aware of The Mark

Researchers from the Max Planck Institute for Marine Microbiology report that mountains of sugar have been discovered hiding underneath seagrass meadows across the world’s oceans.  Carbon captturing powerhouses is how to describe these underwater meadows which store twice as much carbon as forests on land at a rate 35 times faster, according to the Institute

Tesla Bursts Into Flames at Stoplight, Driver Forced to Kick Out Window to Escape Electric Car Fire

Past Headlines

Mom Prays Over Dead Son's Body Just As Doctors Were About to Call Time of Death

They Adopted a Severely Handicapped Baby Despite Doctors' Warnings, and It Changed Everything

Cordileone Shows How To Bishop

A German court plans to sentence Fr. Dariusz Oko for "inciting hatreds" by speaking against and writing about the homosexual scandal in the Catholic Church

Monkeypox is now spotted in Italy and Sweden

Monkeypox hits Europe: Five men in Portugal test positive as Spain probes eight suspected cases in men - as experts warn there could be 'tens' of cases in Britain

Monkeypox cases in the UK has now risen to seven as disease continues to spread

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Near-Death Experience Paves Way to the Priesthood

5 examples of the impure spirit possessing our Christian civilization
It's gone to far to come back. Our remaining hope is its spiritual and physical purification. Job as Christians is not to pray that it not come, but to pray for conversions before it gets here.  Messages from the Blessed Mother repeated say that by the time of purification it will be too late

I Was Able to See Demons': Forced into Satanism as a Little Girl, Tormented Woman Finally Finds Peace in Chris

Is America Tainted by Freemasonry?

Belgium Begins Monkeypox Quarantines

First-ever Global Monkeypox Outbreak happens in exact week “Predicted” in Biosecurity Simulation 6 months before

Shallow M6.1 earthquake hits off the east coast of Hachijojima Island, Japan  Seer says Japan will be shaken; asks for prayers

Half Of America Faces Power Blackouts This Summer, Regulator Warns 

EMP Strike On Our Nation Will be An Absolutely Catastrophic Event- 7 Actions to Take Immediately Following an EMP Strike Great advice for any disaster.

'Absolutely a Miracle': Rescue After Teen Falls Off 50-Foot Waterfall, Gets Wedged Between Rocks

Leaders of Southern Baptist Convention stonewalled and denigrated survivors of sex abuse from clergy while seeking to protect their own reputation

Santa Ana substitute teacher arrested on suspicion of molesting 4 female children in classroom  More victims likely.

St. Rita of Cascia

She recently gave birth to her baby — and she’s about to do it all over again this Summer