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In Canada killing disabled babies now moves to killing disabled patients to cut costs

Young Adults Who Read the Bible Regularly Are Far Less Stressed

Notre Dame to reopen in 2024  We'll see.

FBI sought nuclear documents in search of Trump’s home US federal agents were looking for documents relating to nuclear weapons when they searched former President Donald Trump’s home in Florida this week, the Washington Post reported on Thursday

Inflation, Gas Prices Make Even Walmart Too Expensive as Foot Traffic Nosedives

One new business venture growing like wildfire: car washes  Inflation proof, automated to the point of being a 'gold rush'Ukraine aid scam: Only 30% of weapons shipped to besieged country have made it to the front lines  Most weapons shipped to Ukraine have not made it to the front lines. This is something Republican lawmakers have warned about when they opposed a $40 billion aid package.

New CDC COVID guidelines throw out quarantine, allow for benefits of natural immunity Two and half years later, the federal health agency also acknowledges that testing everyone is not a good strategy.

New study finds 29 percent of young people had heart problems after second Pfizer dose

Mega-donor dumped Democrats because of lies about vaccine. Offers fact-checkers $1 million if they can refute his claims

The Incredible Miracle of Her First Son. She kept hearing God say she would have a son. His promise became the divine comfort she needed

3 Mysterious Stories of Divine Phone Calls. Whether it’s a loved one calling from above or a divine operator relaying the message, these comforting tales are nothing short of miraculous.

1,000 families plan to sue gender clinic that put kids through transgender treatments

FX/Disney animated ‘horror comedy’ mainstreams demonic possession

Super red giant Betelgeuse in Orion had a huge explosion (its own coronal mass ejection millions of times greater than any from our Sun) in 2019 enroute to going super nova someday in the future I think the supernova will occur before Christ returns and be a sign in Orion, "The Glorious one, a prince, who comes in light". In the stars, his foot is firmly placed on the head of the enemy.

Who was Dagon in the Bible? Interestingly, the Assyrians worshiped a fish god.  These sinners were much more receptive to Jonah who made a big splash claiming he was deposited after a fish spat him out on their shores.

An openly homosexual Church of Scotland minister has claimed Scripture does not have the final word on sexual ethics. The scriptural teaching against same-sex acts should be reinterpreted in light of contemporary thinking   Clearly heretical....sadly no longer shocking.

Cdl. Burke warns of ‘advancing apostasy’ in the Church during Latin Mass homily

Saudi Arabia, UAE criticize Palestinian Islamic Jihad rocket attack on Israel Thank you Abrahamic Accords.


Wildfire Stops at Memorial Cross in UK Field

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The Anointing of the Sick and Apostolic Pardon – Don’t Leave Earth Without It!

Mary O'Reagan writes: "St Philomena's feast day is on August 11th. Earlier this year, I was praying to St Philomena for intentions I thought impossible. Then she knocked on my door three times - a sound that signals her intercession - and soon after the prayers were answered. Then it happened again!  

Have a blessed Saint Philomena feast day The Stunning Story of Redemption Behind Auntie Anne's Pretzels and How Anne Was Finally Freed from a Predator Pastor

Corrčze, France: consecrated hosts become luminous

Do I Want to Go to Heaven Primarily to Avoid Hell or Primarily to Be with God? Great article and an easy 3 min. read

The Disguise of God
God has a plan for every soul and it carries it out very successfully, but it is cleverly disguised.

Eternal God and Comforter, invigorate my studies and be a lamp to my path so that I may establish myself and others in thy holy faith. JDG


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Extreme drought in Somalia displaces more than 1 million people  Somalia is the locust capitol of the world

38 people killed, historic buildings and scores of homes collapse after heavy rains hit Yemen 

“Millions Will Freeze This Winter; Or Fall Into Debt To Avoid Doing So”

'I was completely inside': Lobster diver swallowed by humpback whale off Provincetown

Doctor Calls Survivor of Harrowing DC Lightning Strike an ‘Absolute Miracle’ After Secret Service Agents Rushed to Help

‘It Is a Miracle He Is Standing’: Teenager Hit Head-On By Train Meets Driver One Year Later

Drunk Man 'Smashed His Way Out of Coffin After Being Buried Alive as Sacrifice to Mother Earth' Pacamomma?

Drive-By Shooter Fires Gun at Denver-Area Catholic Church Building, Causing Tens of Thousands of Dollars in Damage

Remembering the Virgin's warning regarding France (several separate warnings): "France will be, invaded, shaken, and  scourged. Pray!"
'It's like an apocalypse': France is forced to call in hundreds of fire fighters from six other countries as 'monster' blaze spreads amid drought ravaging crops, melting glaciers and drying up rivers across Europe

Anne Heche's life support about to be turned off link fixed thx JC
Anne Heche is still here and will be attached to her body until it dies, IMO

'Not Hallucinations or Illusions': Renowned Medical Research Team Confirms 'Near-Death' Experiences

A life-saving message, a mysterious nurse and a surgeon in Philadelphia made this story unforgettable event of family history.

German Catholics rebuke senior bishop for employing pro-abortion activist in key church role

Hong Kong’s Card Zen to go on trial from 19 to 23 September

Pastor’s Wife Found Guilty of Murder after Urging Lover to Kill Husband 

Derek Carr's Parents Wouldn't Let Him Skip Church for Traveling Teams: 'Faith Was Number One'