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Discovers Of Physical Proof For Destruction Of Sodom And Gomorrah In the Exact Location Of The Ancient Cities Turn It Into A ‘Jewish Fable’

Blessed Grapes for Times of Famine

Leftists Abandoned The Fourth Of July Long Before The Dobbs Decision Just one week before the Fourth of July, an alarming number of Americans announced they will not celebrate Independence Day due to the Supreme Court’s Dobbs v. Jackson decision.

COVID jabs are all but guaranteeing the virus will be around forever  If our immune response is subverted and damaged by these COVID injections, as they have been with repeat boosting, then we run the risk of this pandemic going on for 100 years with infectious variant after infectious variant, and potentially a lethal virulent one that could devastate humanity.

Latest Survey Shows 3.7% Rate of Myocarditis in “Vaccinated” Americans This is a health disaster. This rate is over 500 times higher than what the CDC claims. Doctors will remain silent on this as they are not permitted to challenge the “safe and effective” narrative.

Shocking Footage From Disney Reveals Upcoming Transgender Character Saying ‘Men Have Periods Too’   A popular kid show produced by Disney that contains a scene in which the transgender agenda is being pushed on kids as normal.

Lone Pro-Life Democrat in US House Sounds Off on AOC Remarks, Biden Admin's Disregard for Border Security Ahead of Midterms

Texas inmate asks to delay execution for kidney donation No recipient identified. Should be denied.

Supreme Court allows President Biden to end Trump's 'Remain in Mexico' policy for asylum seekers

Migrant caravan leaves southern Mexico days after Texas tragedy

'Imperialism of woke culture' is greatest threat to religious freedom worldwide  

Vatican Deemed Toddler's Near-Death Experience a Miracle

Texas pastor killed in road rage incident; Crime Stoppers offers $5K reward for leads on suspect

The miracle behind the canonization of the parents of St Therese of Lisieux

The City of Big Shoulders — and Liturgical Confusion: Chicago Faithful Flummoxed by Inconsistent Liturgy Policy

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Cervantes: St. Michael the Archangel: 'If a strong and unknown glow appears, do not look ...

Scaffold Tissue and Nanowires Are Most Likely the Cause of Sudden Adult Death Syndrome Dying After the Vaxx

After God miraculously healed large brain tumor, big black hole left behind

In rebuke of U.S. archbishop, Nancy Pelosi receives Communion at Papal Mass

Out of Africa: Priest’s open letter to Pope Francis: Please correct your ‘serious’ errors and defend divine truth

“My Immaculate Heart will Triumph”

How to know when The Warning is near

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Is China building a huge spy complex in US? Lawmakers are raising the alarm over a Chinese company’s purchase of more than 300 acres of farmland just 20 minutes from an Air Force base in North Dakota. The  location is optimal for spying on the U.S. military.

Florida Judge Says Governor’s “Stop Woke Act” Can Go Forward  What Gov. Ron DeSantis branded as the “Stop Woke Act”—can move forward and regulate how race can be taught in the classroom and the workplace

“Children Cannot Consent”: Teen Who Had Double Mastectomy Regrets ‘Gender Journey’

San Diego Pride Sponsored by Children’s Hospital that Profits from Youth Transition

Israel foils Iranian cyber attack against US power plants The deputy chief of Israel’s 8200 intelligence unit, “Col. U.,” said on Wednesday warned Washington of hacking attempts into power plants across the US in time to foil the cyberattacks. This wasn’t the first time the US was made publically. This was also the first time a representative of the IDF’s secretive 8200 Unit discussed sensitive cyber intelligence in public.

'2000 Mules' allegations prompt calls for 2020 election probes.  'We want to restore confidence to the election system'

It’s getting much more difficult to think that Pope Francis isn’t deliberately causing chaos

New Cardinal McElroy Promotes Gay Inclusion, German Synod

This Pride Month, Catholic Church shows clear shift toward LGBTQ welcome

When LA’s Guadalupe tilma relic made a miraculous hospital room visit

Chip shortage leaves 95K GM vehicles incomplete

Supreme Court limits EPA's ability to reduce emissions, fight climate change

WHAT CLIMATE CHANGE? Coal Plants In France Are Coming Back Online As A European Energy Shortage From Russian War In Ukraine Looms Large

Calif. advances bid for legal drug injection sites. Safe places to go to get a fix

Divine intervention: Priest's hospital room mix-up allows dying woman to receive sacraments

Missing your aborted baby: But the perceived gains become deadly losses, with women not aware of how their “shameful secret will intensify a hundredfold afterward”