With President Trump, has America been saved?
Bible's take on miraculous outcome of 2016 election with reference to the reign of Hezekiah who asked for and got 15 more years which he squandered. A sobering lesson for us?

Researchers have found a scientific explanation for a biblical episode in which Joshua prayed and saw the Sun stand still  Joshua needed more time. Solar eclipses as we know them are 7 minutes maximum and the vast majority are less than 3 minutes. This explanation seems inadequate.

4 Soon-to-be saints who were born in the USA

19 Dead Over 48 Hours as Tornadoes Wreak Havoc in the South

Powerful 7.9 Earthquake strikes Solomon Islands

Ex-WSJ Reporter Finds George Soros Has Ties To More Than 50 "Partners" Of The Women’s March

Fox News Refuses to Renew Contracts for George Will, Ed Rollins

A surprisingly powerful medicine against the worst that Alzheimer’s threw at us

Trump: I haven’t forgotten my promise about Jerusalem

Abbas Meets King Abdullah To Coordinate Moves Against Possible US Embassy Relocation to Jerusalem

Trump invites Netanyahu to Washington for visit

Priest in Columbia suspended a divinis for  publicly and privately expressing his rejection of the doctrinal and pastoral teachings of the Holy Father Francis, mainly regarding marriage and the Eucharist. Link

Maltese bishops have cast aside Catholic teachings

Satan Loves to Take Over Politicians, Says Roman Exorcist (From 2008)

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First birds Pope Francis released chased by raven. If birds' silence during Medjugorje apparitions is significant, then so is this

Is the prophecy of an alliance between Ishmael (Arabs) and Esau (Rome) maturing in the recent meeting of Abbas with the pope?

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  What Jesus Told This Toddler Gave Me Chills

How many coincidences does it take to make a miracle?

Ordained on his death bed with 3 hours to live, he is a priest forever

2012 was critical in America’s trajectory away from God
The year marked the first time in U.S. history when a sitting president publicly spoke against the biblical definition of marriage. It was the year that America re-elected the first president to take such a stand,
not to mention a radically activist stand on abortion

Modern-day saint? Healing powers attributed to Cape Breton priest

Father Solanus: A Christmas miracle which saved Detroit  Link fixed

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Willcox church to house St. (Mother) Theresa artifacts

94-year-old woman graduates college with 4.0 GPA

Tallest Divine Mercy statue unveiled in Philippines

Atheist medical doctor tried to disprove Christianity but found God’s peace

Scientists use mathematical calculations to prove the existence of God

The swearing-in of the 45th president was seen by 30.6 million viewers across 12 networks, 2nd only to Obama in 2009

Child born without eyes opens those of parents to see the glory of God

Catholic take on icons and sacred images

Pope warns against populism and ‘saviours’ like Hitler

Trump Takes Over ‘Riskiest’ America Since World War II

Passengers cheer as woman verbally attacking Trump supporter is kicked off plane

Report: U.S. Announces Withdrawal From TPP Within 24 Hours of Trump Inauguration…  TPP (Trans Pacific Partnership) NAFTA will also be renegotiated

Trump is far from perfect, but so was Constantine...and look how God used him."

‘We will be protected by God,’ Trump declares in inaugural address

Madonna clarifies rally remark about 'blowing up the White House'

Study links herbicide Roundup to liver disease