The power of the incredible story

Opportunistic bacteria which are highly resistant and present on instruments after bowel procedures can be deadly

Scientists Crack the Code on How to Un-Boil a Hard-Boiled Egg

Lance Armstrong on Doping- 'I Would Probably Do It Again'

What’s in a Name?

Italian priest tells congregation he is leaving out of love for a woman who is expecting

Nun who had 'no idea' she was pregnant has a baby boy in Italy hospital

Women have primary role in transmitting faith, says Pope

Muslim grooming (rape-- sex trafficking ) gangs in EU and all Muslim countries and now seen in the U.S. --- Sharia law recognizes it and requires it  thx FR

‘In Auschwitz, you got used to anything’

Tales from Auschwitz: survivor stories  Long...6 stories very moving..will leave link up all week so you do not need to read all of the stories the same day

Seahawks RB Warned About Crotch-Grabbing during Superbowl.  In addition to fines the team will be penalized 15 yards

More homeless camps are appearing beyond downtown L.A.'s skid row

Holocaust Survivor Honors Bridgettine Nun Who Saved His Life

Jewish leaders outraged over ship named after Nazi war criminal

‘In Auschwitz, you got used to anything’

Our Lady of Good Success for Our Times

Scientists Use Aborted Babies as Sources for Organs for New Research


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Iran’s leadership believe there are only two prophetic triggers before the return of their long-awaited messiah and one of them just happened: the death of 90-year-old King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia

Charlie Johnston- A possible prophet for our times

With Tragedy and Sadness Comes a Remarkable Miracle
  thx SR

Man with little Christian spiritual training has amazing revelation during NDE which some interpret as  as "New Age"


Estimate has Milky Way planets at billions
 Yes, and of all the possible life forms out there, God chose our human life form for redemption and ETERNAL life in becoming one of us

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The Great Blizzard of 1888 was one of the most severe recorded blizzards in the history of the United States

Historic Snow Storm takes aim at Northeast

Why the Devil Hates the Blessed Virgin So Much

The Strange Notion of “Gay Celibacy”

Monsignor Ronald Knox- A Lost Sense of Decency

Pope Francis says ‘ecumenism of blood’ is uniting Christians

Gov't Employee Says He Lost Control Of Drone Found on White House Grounds

Millions of GMO Insects Could Be Released in Florida Keys

White House remains furious about Netanyahu

California's Supreme Court voted to prohibit state judges from belonging to the Boy Scouts on grounds that the group discriminates against gays

Kerry: Don’t blame Muslims for violent extremism  Desensitizing U.S. that thousands and thousands will soon come to the U.S. as refuges? Muslims have changed all nations to which they immigrated en mass

Gang members shot him eight times; an angel helped save his life

Rabbi Jonathan Cahn- Biblical warnings in Obama speech

Many Have Reduced Love to Kindness, and Kindness to Mere Affirmation – A Further Reflection on the Moral Troubles of our Time

How to Deal with Setbacks

Haunted by the souls in purgatory