He wanted to show me, and my family that a miracle is not about us,
or whoever the recipient of the miracle is. It is all about Him

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Homecoming Prince Identified as High School Shooting Suspect

Mali becomes sixth West African nation hit by Ebola

China’s new Ebola drug 'is promising'

Prayer warrior in Liberia healed of Ebola after touch from God

The word for “beasts” in this passage (Rev 6:8) comes from the Greek word therion, which literally means “tiny beasts.”  - This author thinks it refers to Ebola. Prophecy states 1/4 will die

The animal where it hides is a BAT!  Creepy serpentine shapes coil into "666"

Ebola plush toys are big sellers

Only a being of infinite intelligence could create a document with multiple embedded messages with equidistance sequencing.  This website supports the Bible codes

Bible code found in Genesis 17.  Here are some of the letters found within the tiny window.

Ebola and Marburg = Are categorized as Hemorrhagic fevers. So this references the hemorrhagic Ebola virus spreading

Thousands= The Amount of People it will kill (Which has already happened)

Violently taken away= Disappearing Ebola patients both on the border and in hospitals.

Say Drink= Ebola causes fever and thirst

The Cave= Likely references the animals Ebola originates from

Aireborne= Could mean the spread of Ebola through aerosols or eventually full blown airborne

Death= It will kill

Every Man Child= Referencing that death is not limited to a certain age but anyone can catch it

Millions= I believe this could reference that millions are affected by it–be it through fear of the disease or deaths in the future. But my gut says it’s more likely the fear of the disease that millions are affected by.

Source: Infowars


How a Baby Was Saved Outside a Local Abortion Clinic Will Blow Your Mind

Sorrow At Another’s Good: The Deadly Sin of Envy

Novena for the Holy Souls in Purgatory

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Local artists experience the miraculous healing power of music

An Exorcist Talks about Horror Movies

Man is completely healed of terminal cancer in Medjugorje

Estimate has Milky Way planets at billions
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Scientists convert human skin cells directly into brain cells

LOTS of solar flares (fireworks)

Another earthquake rattles Interior Alaska

'Satan' tells driver to crash into Ten Commandments Investigation under way into destruction of Oklahoma City

FBI: Reporters are Prime Targets for ISIS

U-Verse customers report strange emergency message appearing on screens around Atlanta, Dallas, Michigan and Austin, Texas

Sistine Chapel being used as sacred place – not 'venue for private parties'

100,000 Atheists Get 'Unbaptized'

Palestine defies US, issues statehood ultimatum

The Catholic Church is changing – and Pope Francis won't be stopped by the 'hostile rigidity of conservatism '

Husband almost got away with it until doctor, out of options, orders cyanide test

Reagan astrologer Joan Quigley dies

Archbishop Chaput blasts Vatican debate on family Thank you for your courage archbishop for those critical of the last synod can kiss a red hat goodbye

Cardinal- see the goodness in lives of people who cohabit

Dead heart beats again following world-first transplant

The Trouble with Ouija

We are heading for disaster if we don't have arrived at disaster for not start teaching  the old-fashioned rules

15 'Signs of the Times' Indicating Judgment

They’re sweet little girls –But what comes out of the mouths of  is likely to make you fall out of your chair

NASA has made available to the public over 60 audio samples recorded on various manned and unmanned space missions

You need to wash your towels more often than you think

Archbishop Cupich will forgo mansion and live in cathedral rectory