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‘I prayed for his death ’: Columbine shooter's mother says she hoped her son was dead when she heard of his school massacre

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Astonishing, gorgeous new church in Russia: The Church of the Protection of the Mother of God.   Money for construction came from ordinary parishioners (Link)

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Estimate has Milky Way planets at billions
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Justice Antonin Scalia, constitutionalist and pro-life Catholic, found dead in Texas

Priest administered last rites to Scalia 

OBITUARY-U.S. Justice Scalia: outspoken conservative stalwart

Conservative Scalia's passing is expected to cause a huge fight over Obama choosing the replacement justice. The court's business could go on with the vacancy until the next president is elected. Showdown to name Scalia successor

The Vatican did everything to accommodate Patriarch Kirill, but received little in return

Franklin Graham Warns Christians Will ‘Lose This Country’ If They Don’t Vote

Millennials owe a lot, but they don’t know a lot

China Frees Pastor Who Opposed Cross Demolitions

"Miracle" Preemie Baby Pronounced Dead, Spent 15 Hours in a Morgue Refrigerator until Hospital Workers Heard Him Cryn

Missing Canada Man to Reunite With Family After 30 Years

The Oldest Form of Consecrated Life Is Also the Newest, and It’s Growing!

Vatican Sending  Mixed Messages On Protection of Abuse Victims

After sexually abusing children for decades, Catholic brother lives under the radar in Hawaii

Porn addicted engineer who fell into Hell but was saved by incredible divine mercy adds more details to the incident  Abjures old mantra: If it feels good do it for God will forgive me later.

A special Confession in 1953 changed his life, Pope Francis reveals

Christ In The Surgery Wing | Thoughts In A Time of Illness Very profound