Satanic priest says his only purpose was to free people from the
influence Catholicism and Chrisitianity of God

What actually occurred during the abomination If you are curious read this.
Never go to a black mass to "learn"

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Found In Turmeric, Curcumin Helps Scientists Create A Powerhouse Cancer Fighter

See Good Samaritans Flip SUV to Save Teens in River

Vatican Astronomer Says Alien Life Will Be Discovered, But Will Not Prove or Disprove God

45 liters of live Polio virus vaccine released into Belgian rivers by accident
Most people who come in contact with it are likely to become vaccinated since it is a live vaccine.  1  may get polio if the virus mutates to the "wild type".   If you give the live vaccine to social individuals in a 3rd world village, the entire village becomes vaccinated because of poor hygiene. The live vaccine is not used in the United States anymore but freed millions in the 3rd world from polio.

Ebola almost contained in Senegal, Nigeria

Startling: The Message Of The Georgia Guide Stones, The Missing Stone Now In Place “2014″

Tuna fishermen are not happy about proposed marine sanctuary  Ain't it awful??

Major palm oil companies to halt deforestation

Cupich to Chicago- What It Actually Means

The winds of change blow across the US Church Time to stop denying the obvious 



Uriel, archangel protector of America

Past Headlines

Oklahoma Catholics reflect on warrior archangel as 'black mass' looms
“It is one thing to disagree with their doctrine; it is quite another to mock and desecrate core beliefs of others,
no matter what religion they may be.”

N.J. man recalls vision cure attributed to Sister Miriam’s intercession
 The story behind the beatification to be the first to take place in the United States

Does a conflict with Cardinals Burke and Kaspar over family values underlie rumored demotion?

Keeping the Shemitah Produces Supernatural Results
No tilling the soil, plowing or planting on the 7th year (Shemitah)

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8 Prophecies that Matter Today – Russia, the Virgin Mary, and the Catholic Church

Black Mass this Saturday: 
Tulsa exorcist claims increasing 'demonic activity'  in Okla;
Most victims are not Catholics. When exorcist first started (at the request of the bishop), the demon knew he had not fully obtained his faculties for exorcism and laughed at him. Until the exorcist did so, it would not depart.

Estimate has Milky Way planets at billions
 Yes, and of all the possible life forms out there, God chose our human life form for redemption and ETERNAL life in becoming one of us

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Victim of satanic sex cult speaks out about a lifetime of horror

'Black mass' draws half the expected crowd, proceeds despite protests

Catholic exorcists in Tuscany told to go by the book after a rise in irregular exorcisms

The Generosity of God. Sunday's sermon: Justice does not preclude generosity

Choirs of Angels--part I

4 Possible Terrorists May Have Tried to Enter US Through Texas-Mexico Border, Says House National Security Subcommittee Chairman

ISIS Urges Killing of Citizens From US-Led Coalition

3 Afghan officers disappear from Cape Cod base

Report- Security upped at Vatican over attack fears

Get ready- Biblical 'Shemitah' begins this week on Sept. 24

Steve Forbes- How Destroying the Dollar Threatens the World

The Islamic Ghost That Haunts Obama (editorial opinion)

'Ghost' caught on security camera at U.K. castle

Fires of salvation sweep through Israel