These qualities separate great preachers from the merely good

Tiny Christian school stuns international competition

What Tim Kaine, Donald Trump and Pope Francis Have In Common  A Jesuit education

Russian Priest Claims Hot Air Balloon Record

Saint Mary Magdalene the real deal bio

Two Middle East locations hit 129o F, hottest ever in Eastern Hemisphere

Weather Sweltering heat wave hits USA's three biggest cities

Are lightning strikes becoming more common?

Meet the Family Who Stole Millions, Evaded Police for Over a Decade

That good old Catholic humor

A few months ago, Hamas “arrested” a dolphin for being an Israeli spy. Readers of Reason magazine came up with titles for the film this action might inspire:

• Orcapussy • Free Schmuelly • Goldflipper • The Porpoise-Driven Life • Dolphinfidel'

While volunteering in a soup kitchen, I hit it off with a very attractive single man. It was a relief, since my mother and I always laughed because the men to whom I was drawn were inevitably married. So, optimistic about my chances, I asked my new friend what he did for a living. He replied, “I’m a priest.”

A man angry because he thought that someone stole his wallet, walked into a Catholic church to steal someone else's wallet, but after the homily he had a change of heart.

He confessed to the priest afterwards about what his intentions had initially been.

The priest asks, "What made you change your mind?"

The man says, "In your sermon on the Ten Commandments when you got to 'Thou shall not commit adultery,' I remembered where I left my wallet."


On May 13, 2016, a crowd of pilgrims gathered in Fatima, and were delighted to see this large solar halo celebrating the first apparition of Our Lady in 99 years ago  

Past Headlines

Nursing home fined for keeping patient alive!

Cardinal Burke: it’s reasonable to be afraid of Islam’s desire to govern the world  Islam is a Islam is ‘fundamentally a form of government’

Middle Eastern refugee prayed to “unknown God” to calm stormy sea, was shocked when Jesus responded

The Protestant seminary that produced dozens of Catholic converts

It's time to get serious about Fatima

Two friends receive visions of Mary ever since their trip to 1991 Medjugorje
Out of a crowd of hundreds these friends were selected by a Medjugorje seer for a special blessing with which Mary hopes to reach the hearts of the American people

St. Mary Magdalene is the sister of Sts. Martha and Lazarus
Saints and the Popes declare it so.  She also washed His feet with her tears and wiped them with her hair

Estimate has Milky Way planets at billions
 Yes, and of all the possible life forms out there, God chose our human life form for redemption and ETERNAL life in becoming one of us.

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Munich Shooter Was Planning Crime for Over a Year

Syrian Asylum-Seeker Kills Woman With Machete in Germany, Is Arrested

7 major fireball meteor events Reported in last 3 days around the world

'UFO' trailing blue smoke flies over the Miami runway Very convincing video at this link. If explanation published, will update link.

(7-23) Here is the explanation: “Missile launch, plume is from a hydrogen powered rocket engine, water vapor condenses in the high altitude forming a cloud of ice crystals reflecting light from the sun which, from this viewpoint, is below the horizon”  Link

Russia Struck by Heaviest Thunderstorms in 18 Years

John Kerry warns air conditioners, refrigerators are as  “Big a Threat to life as ISIS”

Gay Wedding Cake Battle Heads to Supreme Court

Federal Judge Rules Obama Can’t Force Pro-Life Advocate to Pay for Abortions Under Obamacare

Vatican statement accuses Polish politicians of whipping up fear against Muslims before Pope's visit 

Top Muslim Ally of Pope Francis Reaffirms that Muslim Converts to Christianity Should be Killed

What is this green slime bubbling up from the storm drains of Utah?

I finally got so fed up with the Satan-is-everywhere hysteria that I went the opposite direction

Dr. Richard E. Gallagher, M.D., a board certified psychiatrist speaking recently, said that demonic possession is real and that he sometimes diagnoses it .  Here is a famous case in which he made that diagnosis from 2008. Link

Zagreb, Croatia: Heroic Cardinal Stepinac officially vindicated 70 years later

A grieving daughter is comforted by an amazing find at the Goodwill store

Two-year moratorium needed to protect bluefin tuna populations