'Shields Up!' A Prophetic Warning for America

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9 Great Scientists Who Were Priests

“The Miraculous Lady of Cicero, Illinois.” 

John Paul II- Things I have to thank him for

Swedish city introduces payment by hand scanning

It only took 35 years for flesh-eating bacteria to become an infectious terror "One of the major proteins is an active ingredient in Adolphe's meat tenderizer."

Deadly Virus's (MERS) Spread Raises Alarms in Mideast

200-plus cases logged in central Ohio mumps outbreak; two-thirds are linked to Ohio State

Joe Brown started cutting hair during the Great Depression and says he has no plans to hang up his scissors

Chile fire toll- 12 dead; 2,000 homes destroyed

Overall, an astounding 59 percent of all American workers bring home less than $35,000 a year

Third earthquake strikes Nicaragua in less than a week: fears rampant of ‘big one’

One Surefire Way to Lose in Spiritual Warfare  

11-year-old's suicide attempt part of epidemic

Deceased Dutch Catholic bishop was child molester – abuse commission

Federal Court Rules that University Must Promote and Pay Christian Professor

Satanic Temple launches campaign to 'protect' children and permit them to pray to Satan

Police Are Testing a "Live Google Earth" To Watch Crime As It Happens


This eclipse was in Virgo with both Mars and Spica nearby.
This constellation depicts the purest of virgins holding  a man child on her lap. Spica means "desired of nations".   This interpretation comes from the ancient Egyptian zodiac, not a Hebrew or Christian one. This is why the constellations are sometime called "gospel in the stars"



Weird circle in sky over UK, possibly insects swarming

Past Headlines

'Heaven Is For Real'- Pastor Todd Burpo on Son's Near Death Experience

'He Was Brain Dead' — Until They Prayed the Chaplet of Divine Mercy

'Heaven Is for Real' Director Faced Near-Devastating Spiritual Warfare Before Production

"We stand with Israel"

Estimate has Milky Way planets at billions
 Yes, and of all the possible life forms out there, God chose our human life form for redemption and ETERNAL life in becoming one of us

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Shocking reversal of humility so shocking it's satanic:  Dutch scientists publish recipe for bringing back devastating version of  bird flu more contagious

A Life of Hate- Kansas Shooting Suspect Thrived on Extremism

Netanyahu Sends Condolences to Families of Kansas Jewish Center Shootings

71 Killed in Nigeria Bus Bombing

Trapped in a Canyon- Father Describes Horrible Hike

What Gethsemane teaches us about suffering

Sense and Sentimentality — How Could Mr. Right Turn Out to be So Wrong?

Abby Johnson’s Ministry Has Helped More Than 100 Abortion Clinic Workers Quit

In-utero laser surgery saves unborn twins

A living sacrifice: young girl recovers from disfiguring Satanic ritual

Twin boys who were joined at the chest finally ready to leave the hospital nine months after being separated

People with old Social Security debts get reprieve

Former city manager of Bell, Ca. gets 33 years for corruption

Pastor Hagee- Blood moons point to 'world-shaking event'

Second large earthquake hits Solomon Islands

Church of England faces 'crisis’ as gay priest weds

Depravity roundup
Body Found on Conveyor Belt Leads to Arrests in Serial Killings

Two serial rapists on parole wore their GPS devices and continued the rapes anyway

Utah woman admits killing six babies