How St. Francis protects animals and humans alike

15 Excerpts That Show How Radical, Weird And Out of Touch College Campuses Have Become

Police investigate Polish 'serial killer'  in sickening crime spree across six countries 

Norway Government Bans Christian Cross "The cross has to go before the asylum seekers comes. It is important for Norway to stay neutral and not offend Muslims with Christians symbols".

‘Allahu Akbar’ is the number One song on UK charts

Paris attacks 'mastermind' plotted to attack Jewish targets next

Carson Calls on U.S. to Help Refugees Settle in Middle East

Pirates attack Polish ship off Nigerian coast, kidnap five

Pope's adviser urges Catholics to join climate marches

Francis celebrates the martyrs who did not give in to the King

Republicans Trump suffers his largest drop in polls after week of controversy

The most wonderful time of year.... for cyber-attackers

Eating less meat isn’t just good for you, it could save the planet

Japan to resume whaling in Antarctic

Genetic Inheritance Is Not As Cut-And-Dry As We Once Thought, Thanks To Epigenetics

A Mississippi waitress fatally shot in the head Thanksgiving day several hour after  she told a customer to put out his cigarette

4 dead in home invasion, one in hospital. Shooter threatened mass killings in 2009



Freezing rain
NOAA has its own photo contest every year and this was one of the winners

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Eleven ghost ships wash up in Japan with 20 dead sailors

Among the effects of the Russian pilots shot down and killed was a scapular (Maybe he should have worn it)

The Angelic Thanksgiving Visitor

A woman finding it difficult to feel gratitude is reminded that blessings abide, even in tough times

 Are There Really Demons That Rule over Nations?
Yes and "As described in places like Job 1-2, spiritual battles between demonic and angelic hosts affect earth and are occurring behind the scenes all the time."

Estimate has Milky Way planets at billions
 Yes, and of all the possible life forms out there, God chose our human life form for redemption and ETERNAL life in becoming one of us

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The birth of a baby from a unfertile couple wasn't the only Christmas miracle that year

Israel won’t down a Russian warplane if it enters its airspace

US General Warns Turkey Should Be “Kicked Out of NATO”

Turkish President Wishes Plane Downing Had Not Happened  (We feel Russia was not violating Turkey air space at the time)

Campbell's soup comes out of the closet

Priest’s allies say his good works outweigh his crime

Sheriff's deputies rescue newborn found buried near river

Father charged with murder suspected of feeding dead son to pigs

Pennsylvania boy has arm reattached following tractor accident

Ten days after unearthing the biggest diamond in a century (found in Botswana), Canadian mining company owners  unable to put a value on it (Biggest was the Cullinan found in 1905

Officer Killed During Planned Parenthood Shooting Was Pro-Life, Co-Pastor at His Church

Persian Gulf Muslim States Have Accepted No Syrian Refugees  Also have not contributed a dime

Nearly 1,000 'security risks' denied entry to France since Paris attacks 

8-Year-Old Girl Makes Crosses For Police Officers to ‘Spread God’s Word And to Protect Others’

California City Threatened with Legal Action over Prayer Rally for 6-Year-Old Girl

'Stop Bullying Christians': Canadians hold huge rally to fight discrimination against them by city of Toronto

Weird purple slime choking Norway's fjords — What is it?

Real gold as light as air