Friday, April 17, is the 40th anniversary of the killing fields
A Cambodian surgeon's sacred journey

Contrast this with the story about the cardiologist trying to kill rival (below)
Cardiologist hired a hit man to kill his rival

24 New HIV Cases Reported in Indiana Outbreak, 130 Total

EU lawmakers vote overwhelmingly to recognize genocide in Armenia

Outbreaks on 2 cruise ships sicken more than 200 passengers

Aimless, lost son of rabbi heard Hebrew (tongue) in Christian church, accepted Jesus as his Messiah

Vandals attack Christian graveyard in northern Israel

Friendly move from Vatican clears American nuns two years early

Mysterious Ways: A Nudge to Safety

People forget about miracles all the time

'Dangerous' radioactive material stolen in Mexico

Recent convergence of dark forces   Author feels it points to the perfidious Clinton, among other events. See below for a biggie event

Obama Hid North Korea Rocket Component Transfer to Iran   Thx JC

What Does Acts 1:4 Mean by 'Jesus ate salt'

Siblings Relive Heartbreaking Childhood Living in Hoarding House

'I'm going to rape you. Be quiet'- Homeless convicted sex offender arrested after horrific NYC bar attack

Vatican moves towards legal procedures to fight bishops who protect abusers

Joliet Diocese settles priest abuse claims for more than $4 million

Nigerian cardinal: God will answer prayers for rescue of schoolgirls

Michele Bachmann Predicts Return of Jesus Due to Obama

Congress finally takes up 'high crimes and misdemeanors'

Exorcism: What does the boom in demand tell us about Pope Francis's Catholic Church?

Amorth: High-profile Rome exorcist- 'ISIS is Satan'

Past Headlines

Prominent Catholics call on pope to oust S.F. archbishop

Exorcist Author Believes in Reincarnation, Not Demons
It is hard to imagine a more direct, destructive, anti-Catholic attack on the existence and capabilities of Satan and his cohorts than this SHOCKING interview by respected author, William Peter Blatty. Satan got to him, at last, via death of his child

A perfect Red Heifer born in N.J. drawing rabbis from all over the world

Jonathan Cahn Shares Startling Prophetic Mystery About the Seventh Cow

Journey to Jordan: where Elijah was born and where Mary wept tears of blood

Tens of Thousands of Christians Fill Jerusalem to Witness 'Holy Fire' Miracle

8 signs You Are Under A Spiritual Attack


 Estimate has Milky Way planets at billionss
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Massive Apocalyptic Dust Storm turns day to night In Belarus

Earthworms rain down from skies over Norway, puzzling scientists

Fish Rain in Streets of Thailand

5 people  dead inside Phoenix home believed started by family argument f

Frustration continues with aggressive tax-refund seizures

Hillary Clinton’s Campaign Van Parks in a Disabled Parking Spot

He preached the gospel as hijacked plane hit the water

Another surprise call from the Pope- leaving journalist in Argentina stunned

89-year-old Mississippi doctor who works out of car can keep medical license, state rules

From SF’s “Gay Mecca” to Healing in Christ

Cambridge-educated deliverance expert outlines the operation of demons

Islamic Terrorist Lays Down Jihad for Jesus Christ

Being raised by 2 mothers ruined my life (link from previous day wrong--fixed--thx JC)

With all its faults and failings, the Catholic Church is pretty wonderful

Cardiologist hired a hit man to kill his rival

Another inmate freed from Alabama's death row

Why there is no contradiction between Christ’s teachings and the Vatican’s splendor

Nine-year-old 'saw Heaven and sat in Jesus's lap' while unconscious then awoke cured of a life-long illness

Revelations that the Koran is not divinely inspired causing Muslim concern and may end up stopping rapid grown of converts and drive others from faith