“Suddenly, I heard God say to me, ‘Your child is a gift. I'm going to use your son to reach millions of people. You're looking at everything that's wrong with him and not at what's right.’ ” The pastor continued. God spoke to me in four words: ‘Do you trust me?’

Child rape not a crime for homosexuals in UK?? Church Of England didn't report bishop's child sexual abuse crimes because he was gay, former Archbishop of Canterbury says

Has $55M of gold lost during the Battle of Gettysburg finally been discovered? FBI descends on site where treasure hunters claim they found the haul

Australia Calls For Emergency Visas For White Farmers Facing Violent Attacks In South Africa

Fallen Bridge: Toll up to 6 Dead as Officials Seek Answers

The Muslims and Jerusalem: That it is more important to them over Israel due to the historical record is not based on historical fact

Don’t Mess With the US: Aid Cuts Proposed For Countries Voting Against US

U.N. to U.S.: You need to write check for Palestinians

Prophecy Box

2018 A.C. (After Creation) was the year God made the first covenant with Abraham for the people. This was 70 years after Abraham’s birth in 1948 A.C.

Psalm 90:10 “The days of our lives are seventy years, and if by reason of strength they are eighty years.”

This “seventy years” could also be applied to Israel. The year 5778, (this year), marks the 70th year from the rebirth of Israel. Could this have significance for Israel’s prophetic future?

Bear in mind that God does things “decently and in order.” (1 Corinthians 14:40)

Now we come to the end of the Hebrew year 5778 (Tishrei 1) or September 10th on our calendar. The Torah reading in synagogues for that day is:

Genesis 21:10 “Cast out the bondwoman and her son, for the son of this bondwoman shall not be heir with my son, Isaac”.

This verse above, relates to the Arabs, and thus the Palestinians today. This and other verses speak of the final destruction of the Palestinian efforts to take over Israel and Jerusalem. And it will be Israel that “casts out the bondwoman”.  Is that going to start in 2018?  Thx Joel Joseph

5 things you need to know about St. Patrick that make him worthy of celebration

St. Patrick was never officially canonized a saint by the Catholic Church.  Nevertheless, he takes his place among the First Century saints and martyrs  

The story of St. Patrick’s life from kidnapping to Irish Catholicism

Go to Joseph!

8 Times Law-Abiding Citizens Saved Lives With an AR-15


Benedict also rapped the theologians who contributed to the 11 volumes of Francis' theology and explained why he was not going to read them This was completely omitted from the letter. Link contains Benedict's precise, incisive words revealing a healthy, potent intellect at age 90. 

Past Headlines

Destitute and unloved, 'untouchable' Dalit villagers being touched and saved by Jesus

The Virgin Mary is due to “appear” in a chapel in southern Germany on Saturday, according to the followers of a Sicilian “prophet”. Church keeps its distance

Vatican admits doctoring photo of Benedict’s letter praising Pope Francis
The deliberate impression given that B16 read the 11 books gifted to him. He didn't. On the second page of the letter, which is not visible in the photo, The Pope Emeritus goes on to explain that he cannot contribute a theological assessment of Francis as requested due to “physical reasons” and because he is occupied with other projects

7 Miraculous Stories About the Power of Healing Prayers

Ohio Archbishop Dennis Schnurr has issued a stern statement warning clergy in his diocese not to attend an upcoming pro-LGBT

Her well-written accounts of being transported by angels to 'God's library', of being given a vision of a scary robotics-dominated future, of playing with Jesus as a child, and conversing with the soul of her late husband to name just a few examples, while scorned by skeptics, more easily accepted by Catholics

Unexplained, miraculous events surrounding the filming of Passion of the Christ

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Follow up on the predicted Virgin apparition in Germany: Strong smell of roses and sighting by one woman

Hindu Extremists Attack Nuns, Destroy Catholic Hospital Wall in India

Missing teen found in Mexico and heading home

'Dear Mommy, I am so sorry to do this but I have killed myself.' A transitioning teen's tale

Pope Francis has received significant pressure from Poland against his reformation of moral questions.  There are no active cardinals in Poland. A new one may be coming....

Polish archbishop criticizes priest wishing Francis death

Baby Jesus statue, stolen from NJ church nativity over 80 years ago, finally returned

Nun says she's left with NOTHING after bitter legal fight with Katy Perry over the singer's $14m bid to buy an historic LA convent where her sisterhood has lived for 46 years

IRS Documented 1.3M Identity Thefts by Illegal Aliens

A powerful prayer to defeat the work of Satan

High school football coach was in need of several miracles, after a boating accident with his family on the Colorado River

Padre Pio researcher says the Capuchin never prophesized “three days of darkness” Thx JS  

Pope goes to Italy's south to honor popular saint, Padre Pio

Is Rabbi’s 2017 Prediction of Huge  Rise of Idolatry Coming True?  Yes with these examples

Billionaire signs up to be killed, have brain digitally preserved

Turkey Wants to Keep American Protestant Pastor Behind Bars for Life

California teacher put on leave after asking if school would allow a pro-life walkout

How the Vatican’s old guard clings to power

Was Cardinal Cupich born too late and missed like minded relativistic  climate of WW II Germany?  Xint analysis, Short and easy to read

Venezuela Facing The Return Of Forgotten Diseases

Indulgences: Very few have the indulgence fully applied. How God count. (Spirit Daily)