10 Incredible U.S. miracles slide show
Four of them the intervention of the Blessed Mother
Short, awesome, and some you have never heard of

LGBT people are in desperate need of truth. I was one of them

When the state sanctions child abuse Mark Mallett strikes back against morally abhorrent new Canadian law.  (See previous headline in middle of page)

Why Catholics are supporting gay marriage  Ans: Church's subtle nudging, tired of fighting, and ferocious personal  homosexual activism even at the state level (next link)

St. Padre Pio Continues to Work Modern — and Little Known — Miracles

How to have hard conversations with aging parents

Three women consecrated as virgins in rare ceremony in Detroit

The miracles behind the rescues

Quotes of encouragement

The Value of Time Spent in Overcoming Temptations

She Has Down Syndrome But Swam the English Channel and She’s the First to Receive an Honorary Doctorate

Abortionist Admits He Suffers From Significant Mental Health Issues

Judge in notorious abortionist case is trying to block pro-life movie for "defamation"

The Young Girl and the Sea

Finding love after widowhood: One woman’s story


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'Gay pride' and the wrath of God
It should give every Christian pause that the Bible’s many warnings about homosexuality from Genesis to Revelation are tied so closely to the last days and to extreme rebellion triggering God’s wrath, especially when these passages are viewed collectively.

Dove sightings remind cancer patient of God’s love

Trump wins right to enforce travel ban NOW against people without U.S. ties. Gets his Supreme Court showdown over 'Muslim' travel ban this fall

an from Ohio bicycling through Europe to discern a vocation has an unexpected but  prophetic meeting with Padre Pio

Springfield Bishop Thomas Paprocki decrees- No Communion or funeral rites for same-sex couples

Morally abhorrent recent Canadian Law Underscores That The Final Battle With Satan Will Be Over Families

Transgender insanity has gone too far

How my autistic son was God's messenger for women in unplanned pregnancies

Korean Artist Says God Taught Him How to Paint

Catholic first and always but incorporating gems of our Judeo-Catholic heritage

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Italian priest critical of Pope suspended

Pope reverses 'mercy' for Italian priest whom Benedict previously laicized him

From Australia to the Vatican, Pell a polarizing figure

Cardinal takes leave from Vatican after sex assault charges

All about the pallium that archbishops wear

1,600-year-old basilica found underwater in what was ancient Nicaea

Thanks Bp, Paprocki- “In the midst of the apostasy that begins at the top, every sign of orthodoxy needs to be cultivated like seedlings in a barren wheat field”

Cardinal Burke, thank you for your probity and consistency in presenting to the supreme pontiff a simple unambiguous, request for clarification. Readers: Note how this critic, (Stephen Walford),  has twisted the intent of the Dubia to the delight of heretics and the ill-informed  Link

The Pope’s Cardinals: A New Era for Red Hats

Muslims Continue Encountering Jesus in Stunning Ways

Man Who Died and Walked Arm-in-Arm with Jesus is Now Telling His Remarkable Story

Military Leaders Seek Delay to Transgender Enlistment Policy

Swiss Guard Offers Glimpse of Pope St. John Paul II’s Holiness and Humor

The signs all around us
Warning to America is on 'Precipice of Catastrophic Change'

Canadian Muslim Demands Pedophilia Be Legal

Major American Magazine Declares ‘Bestiality Is Natural And You Should Try It Too’