Bethulah (Virgo) and Her Son  
God gave each tribe and Mary a sign of the zodiac

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Oregon Woman with Terminal Cancer Has Second Thoughts about Taking Her Life this Weekend

Some see 'Jesus' in smoke of California fire

Seattle researchers say individual genetic differences play a major role in whether people die from Ebola

ISIS is plotting online to kill Western civilians with EBOLA and poisoned needles, Spanish security chief warns

Blackmailers threaten to release EBOLA in the Czech Republic unless they are paid one million euros in Bitcoins 

Orson Welles' last unseen film set to be finished and released 30 years after his death 

What Led You to Become an Atheist- Some Surprising Answers

Ford develops car seat which detects driver having a heart attack

Police use new tool to ID domestic violence victims most at risk

Suspected Pennsylvania cop killer Eric Frein nabbed

Four More North Carolina Judges Resign Over Refusal to Conduct Same-Sex Weddings

Obama Admin Allows Selling U.S. Citizenship to Babies Conceived Via IVF

Accidental head knock restores sight

The Talking Dead- “Cemeteries have a huge opportunity to evangelize”




Scientist dismisses historian’s claim that Turin Shroud was made for medieval ritual

Novena for the Holy Souls in Purgatory

Past Headlines

Oklahoma woman shares her near-death experience of dying and talking with God for nine minutes

Yoga that the West knows best is only the first step
on a spiritually dangerous and morally unacceptable path  thx DR
The Roman Emperor Who Tried to Rebuild the Jewish Temple To Confound Christ's Prophecy of Its Destruction
This is for those who think that the Temple Mount is just another hunk of land to fight over

The Biblical Right of Self Defense
Minor note: Author states that the Israelites brought weapons out of Israel for self-defense. Actually, it is likely weapons of the Egyptian host washed ashore in Saudi Arabia after Moses parted the waters which drowned the pursuing armies. The bottom line is that God made sure Israel was armed

Estimate has Milky Way planets at billions
 Yes, and of all the possible life forms out there, God chose our human life form for redemption and ETERNAL life in becoming one of us

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A girl became possessed by demons after visiting a house owned by "Ghost Adventures" star ... and had to be exorcised

Was the last 'witch' of Boston actually a Catholic martyr?

"I repeat- Halloween is stupid"

5 Things People Believe About Demons, Exorcisms and The Spirit World and most of it is on target!

Halloween really IS evil, says Vatican, and should be replaced with HOLYWEEN so children can dress up as saints and pray

‘Demonic possessions’ result in cancellation of classes in Philippines   "Incidents of demonic possessions in children occur because of the influence of movies and television that expose them to occult rituals and teachings"

Religion Expert Exposes Real Danger of Halloween

Mother has 4 limbs removed after abortion

The Miracle of Block 11

This South Korean Priest Runs A Restaurant That Only Serves The Poor

Seminarian tells fellow brain-cancer victim- �our lives are worth living'

Woman With Same Brain Cancer as Brittany Maynard- "Please Don’t Kill Yourself"

‘Don’t give up hope'- Portland Archbishop responds to woman’s suicide plan

Sistine Chapel gets new lighting, air conditioning

Munchausen by Proxy- A Case Study of Abuse

U.S. military ordered to hide identities, change routines to avoid terrorist attacks in the U.S.

Former Marine banned from daughter’s school after dispute over Islam lesson

Imprisoned priest seeks release 6 months into 15-year sentence

South of Italy in 'catastrophic decline' after recession